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What Does the Internet Know About You?

Use our apps, tools, and exercises to find out what the Internet knows about you, how it knows that, and why it all matters! Then you’ll learn some techniques to protect yourself — and your friends — from sharing more than you want to.

Ready or Not?

This app shows how people could use your social-media posts to find you in the physical world. It uses GPS data attached to Twitter and Instagram posts to create a map of where someone’s been posting from recently.

How Unique Are You?

The Data Privacy Lab’s checker shows how likely it is that an “anonymous” profile of you could be identified, based on how many other people share your characteristics.

Take This Lollipop

An interactive horror-movie experience that answers the question, What’s the worst that could happen if I post this on Facebook? PG-13. Remember to log out of Facebook after viewing! (Not a Teaching Privacy product.)

Teaching Privacy Website

The Teaching Privacy project aims to empower K-12 students and college undergrads in making informed choices about privacy, by demonstrating what happens to personal information on the Internet — and what the effects can be.

“Digital Footprints” Video

“Digital Footprints” is an illustrated tour of some of the many activities that add to your information footprint, from posting photos to buying lunch. It also explains some strategies you
can use to avoid sharing your data with the world.

Managing Your Footprint: Prevention

Who do you really want to have see your information on social media? Use the how-to guides on the Teaching Privacy “Step Up Your Settings” page to help you better control who can find out what about you.