Reader matter:

I am a college freshman and in the morning extremely appealing. We have installed with the hottest young men for the school but none have actually changed into relationships.

Im now special with a wonderful but not-so-hot man, and everybody is actually judging me for it. I’m not that attracted to this person actually, but his personality and buddies are common fantastic.

I wish to date him, but personally i think like Im settling and could get a person who I like more. Do I need to stop it or not?

-Elizabeth (Connecticut)

Gina Stewart’s response:

Elizabeth, i do believe you responded your own question. You stated you hooked up utilizing the hottest dudes and not one have actually changed into relationships. Absolutely a road you should not go-down to know what’s at the end of it.

You’re with a man exactly who makes you delighted. The guy doesn’t need to pass through someone else’s standards. Discovering some body you would like is tough sufficient. If you’ve unearthed that with him, give consideration to your self happy yet others will believe you lucky, also.

If you feel you’ll be able to like some body much more, then you’re maybe not carrying this out poor guy any favors. Try to let him find a girl that will value him.

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