A beta version of the TROPE curriculum under development by the Teaching Privacy team will be put through its paces at this summer’s CyBEAR summer camp, hosted by the TRUST center at University of California–Berkeley. CyBEAR is a four-week program for high school students from backgrounds underrepresented in STEM fields, focusing on cybersecurity. (It is in part a successor to the Berkeley Foundation for Opportunities in Information Technology programming at ICSI.) To get the TROPE materials ready for CyBEAR, we’re harnessing the energy and creativity of the Teaching Privacy researchers and staff, our wonderful interns and volunteers, and even some visiting interns from TRUST — continuing the tradition of ICSI–Berkeley collaboration on privacy education. We’re really looking forward to seeing TROPE in action.

We’re especially excited because our own Kai Peroc will be “participating” in the CyBEAR camp! Kai and xir family starred in our recent “Digital Footprints” video, where artist Ketrina Yim really brought out xir natural charisma. But Kai has a lot to learn about privacy, despite xir name (which spells out Knowing About Information Privacy Enables Responsible Online Choices). We hope that learning about the principles underlying online privacy and cybersecurity will give xem the tools xe needs to protect xemself better online. (Like, for example, requesting that xir friends not give away the secret behind xir name. Hey, xe never said we shouldn’t tell!)